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How Does Belleri Work?

Belleri works by combining the state-of-the-art technology Micro-needling with Radio-frequency into one powerful workstation.  Belleri utilizes insulated, gold-coated micro-needles to puncture the skin, then uses these needles to deliver heat energy into the dermis, which is responsible for building collagen. The Belleri Micro-needling handle uses suction to ensure exact depth of the needle penetration into the dermis. By precisely and safely heating this layer of skin, the body begins to naturally remodel and rebuild collagen structures, tightening the existing tissue and generating fresh, new tissue for younger, healthy-looking skin.

Belleri is safe for use on all skin types and offers precise customization to meet the exact aesthetic goals of each individual patient. Customization includes having two tips to choose from a 64 microneedling tip for larger areas, and a 25 micro-needle tip for smaller, more delicate areas, and a range of penetration depths to ensure that the Radiofrequency energy is delivered exactly where it needs to be in order to stimulate maximum collagen remodeling. 

Belleri Machine Screen.jpg

List of the things that this device treats

  • Treats sun damage

  • Minimizes or eliminates pores

  • Minimizes or eliminates acne scars

  • Decreases wrinkles on the décolletage

  • Firms up and tightens the facial skin, and also the skin of chest, neck, or anywhere else in the body that needs rejuvenation

  • Reduces oiliness of the skin

  • Reduces melasma and rosacea

  • Improves skin tone and texture

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

  • Brings back your youthful glow

  • Minimizes or eliminates stretch marks

The Secret To Flawless Beauty


  • Safe for all Skin Types

  • 25 pin and 64 pin Treatment Head

  • Insulated Golden Sterile Needles

  • Adjustable Depth Penetration (0.5-3.5mm)

  • Suction Allows for Better Contact with the skin


"I am on week 3 after my 1st treatment and I can already see improvement in fine lines, acne scarring and skin tone, texture and tightening. Though I was a little red for a couple days, I was able to cover most of it and was back to work in 3 days. I can't wait to get the next 2 treatments and see the results."

“I am so thankful! Wow is all I can say! The best people, and the best service. I suffered from scars and active year later, I haven't had one breakout!”

“I was starting to get wrinkles on my forehead and also on the smile lines. I was expecting to need many treatments, but I had great results with 2 treatments. I am very happy with the outcome!!”

“This procedure has changed my skin immensely. The discoloration and splotchiness are significantly improved, even more than I could have hoped for when we started. I can't wait to see what happens after the 3rd treatment.”

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